Sept 2019

  • The 2019 class of master students have come and taken up the computer labs. Only a handful people were around during summer and we pretty much occupied the computer labs every day. With the labs taken during class hours, we had to look for other spots. Luckily, Carolina Rediviva is reopened after renovation.
  • When handling Universal Dependencies CoNLLU files, I grew tired of split()-ing and slicing. So I finally wrote a class. Looking back, I should have written a class at the very first minute of working on CoNLLU files. The moral of this story: Use abstraction. It saves time.
  • Downloaded sentence pairs from Tatoeba to refresh my Uyghur reading. One problem was similar sentences are submitted repeatedly. In order to weed out these nearly duplicate sentences, I calculated longest common substring. In the end I had to admit those sentences were not helpful for my reading after all. So I began reading a collection of short stories from
  • Began reading Python Cookbook. Having read about 10% of the book, I’ve already learned some very useful tricks that are very helpful for my daily programming. It is quite dense and informative. It will probably take me ages to finish.
  • I disabled Safari on my Mac.
    • On Firefox, I use LeechBlock to avoid wasting too much time on social networks and other sites. Facebook is generally detrimental and stressful, although sometimes it’s useful for event information. (But honestly, how many events you liked you actually went to?) News is stressful by showing you all the problems you couldn’t possibly solve even if you tried very hard and devoted your soul. And the world seems messed up right now. To block Safari, aka the loophole when LeechBlock is activated, you need to:
      1. go to Recovery mode by holding Cmd+R on boot;
      2. disable ‘System Integrity Protection’ by typing csrutil disable in Terminal;
      3. reboot and go back to OS X;
      4. right click on Safari icon, change the permission of your user group to ‘no access’;
      5. go back to Recover mode and turn on that Protection if you’d like to. The command is csrutil enbale.

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