Aug 2019

Here is what I did in August.

  • Learned Keras and managed to build a few toy LSTM networks. I remember spending a lot of time figuring out how the Embedding layer works. One of the tricks I learned to understand the input and output shape of each layer was to feed data into each layer respectively, without compiling the model. You’d be able to see how the shape changes before and after the layer by comparing the input and output.
  • Got language data for my experiments. I had no idea how difficult it was to get access to annotated language data. It’s only understandable though, as those corpora come from hours and hours of boring work by linguists. It usually takes an online application or an few emails. But one data source required to sign an agreement on a piece of paper, ask a supervisor to co-sign, and send the scan of it to them via email. They never replied.
  • Read A Concise History of Hong Kong. Great book.
  • Watched American Factory. Great documentary.

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